New York State Inspection auto servicesA family-owned operation for more than 50 years, Phil’s Auto Plaza employs the latest up-to-date diagnostics and automotive technology—along with three generations of experience—to provide a full range of automotive services. Bumper to bumper and tires to roof, we’ve got your auto repair and maintenance needs covered.

How We Work

Honesty is the only policy at Phil’s Auto Plaza. When you bring your vehicle in, we’ll diagnose the issue using the latest automotive equipment and give you an honest, accurate estimate of the services needed. We’ll make sure you’re 100 percent aware of the nature of the problem, and that you understand exactly what we’re doing to your vehicle. And we’ll never perform any work without your verbal or written authorization.

Our Services

Wheel Alignment

Brakes/Shocks/Struts auto servicesIf your tires are not aligned, your vehicle will perform poorly—and your driving safety will be compromised. Signs of poor tire alignment might be steering wheel vibrations, or the vehicle pulling to one side, but there could also be subtle signs you may not even notice. Regular tire alignment checks are essential for the health and safety of your vehicle. The experienced auto technicians at Phil’s Auto Plaza will straighten things out so your vehicle keeps running smoothly.

Electronic Tune Up

All modern cars are controlled by computers and can have up to 9 computers performing a variety of functions. We use the latest in automotive technology to deliver comprehensive electronic tune-ups that pinpoint the problems indicated by your engine codes. Our expert technicians diagnose these codes and ensure that your vehicle is running great.

Front Wheel Drive Service

Our experienced automotive techs are available to repair issues with your front-wheel drive vehicle, from differential service to alignment and wheel bearing repair.

Fuel Injection Service

When your fuel injectors are clogged, your vehicle’s performance suffers. We provide fuel injection cleaning and services to restore flow, improve gas efficiency, and smooth out engine response and performance.

Lube, Oil & Filter

Lube, Oil & Filter auto servicesDepending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, your vehicle needs an oil and filter change every 3,000 to 6,000 miles to lubricate moving parts and keep your engine running smoothly. At Phil’s Auto Plaza, we use premium oil brands and top quality filters with every oil change. With our lube, oil & filter service, we select the best type of oil with the proper weight for your engine. Then we’ll top off any engine fluids that are running low, and check your air filter, belts, and hoses to let you know about any issues that may cause future mechanical problems with your vehicle.

Four wheel drive service

Phil’s Auto Plaza provides a full range of services to keep four-wheel drive vehicles operating at peak performance. These include changing and filling all transmission fluids and completing multi-point inspections.

New York State Inspection

Phil's Auto Plaza auto servicesUpdating your NYS inspection annually is not just a requirement—it’s important for the safety and long-term health of your vehicle. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, we’ll inspect your vehicle thoroughly to ensure it meets all state safety and emissions requirements. If your check engine light is on, we’ll diagnose and repair the underlying issues so your vehicle will pass inspection.

Fleet Service

We provide full fleet services for a wide range of vehicles, from large tractor trailers and cranes to cars and trucks. Ask about our cleaning, maintenance, and emergency roadside assistance services.

Emission System Diagnoses and Repair

Phil’s Auto Plaza can perform emissions checks, diagnoses, and repair for any type of vehicle, ensuring that you meet all state and federal regulations for environmentally friendly travel.

Air Conditioning

Stay cool when it counts with A/C repair and maintenance from Phil’s Auto Plaza. Over time, your vehicle’s air conditioning system can develop refrigerant leaks through hoses, connection points, or faulty components, which results in decreased cooling power. Our skilled technicians will inspect and repair your A/C system to restore maximum cooling and keep your vehicle comfortable.


Damaged brakes, shocks, and struts are serious safety issues, and can severely impact the performance of your vehicle. We provide comprehensive brake service, including brake inspections, emergency brake repair, pad, rotor and drum replacement, brake line repair, and more. It’s important to check your brakes regularly, as well as your shocks and struts, for safety and to prevent further damage to your vehicle if there’s a problem. Shocks and struts should be inspected every 12,000 miles.

Mufflers & Exhaust

Tires auto servicesYour muffler does more than keep your engine quiet. Problems with your muffler or exhaust system can reduce gas mileage, impact your vehicle’s performance, increase emissions, and lead to more extensive damage when left unchecked. At Phil’s Auto Plaza, we provide a comprehensive range of muffler and exhaust system services, from check-ups and maintenance to crucial repairs.

Tire Service

Are your tire treads dangerously worn? Your vehicle puts a lot of pressure on tires, and over time the treads that allow them to grip the surface of the road wear away, resulting in high-risk driving conditions—especially during poor weather. And there’s plenty of that in New York! We carry premium tire brands to fit every vehicle in a wide range of styles, and our tire service includes balance and rotation to ensure a smooth ride with your new tires.

Computer Diagnostics

Are your dashboard lights on? We use the latest in diagnostic equipment to find and fix the problem, preventing further damage to your vehicle.

4×4 Leveling, Lift Kits, Body Lifts

4x4x Leveling auto servicesOur team can install and repair 4×4 leveling, lift kits, body kits, and other enhancements to help make your automotive vision a reality.

Snowmobile Accessories

We carry the latest snowmobile accessories from top brands to accent your winter fun.

JASPER Engines & Transmissions

Phil’s Auto Plaza is proud to be an official installer for JASPER engines and transmissions. Give your vehicle a new lease on life with top-of-the-line remanufactured engines and transmissions—all covered with a 3-year/100,000 mile warranty.

We Honor Extended Warranties

Some garages simply won’t accept extended warranties, instead charging you full price for repairs—but that’s not the case at Phil’s Auto Plaza. We honor all extended warranties, giving you the same advanced, state-of-the-art service you can expect through our regular service channels.